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1. Campaigns providing disabled kid's accessories like wheelchairs, clothes, crutches, diapers, shelters or the best environment for their living.


2. Humanitarian campaigns to provide medicines for children in emergency situations.


3. Evacuation mission of the children Qais and his brother Abbas from Syria to Iraq through Turkey by the organizing between the Iraqi and Turkish governments.


4. Physical and financial support for children's centers of severing disabilities.


5. Awareness campaigns to reduce violence against children and demand the activation of child protection laws.


6. Participate in charity festivals to the orphan's centers, displaced & children of cancer patients,  and victims of wars.


7. Follow-up the high priority cases of children and find the necessary treatment for them locally or outside Iraq.


8. Participation and follow-up of all local and international developments and solutions to the problems of children through the Child Welfare Authority and the United Nations Programs (UNICEF).


9. In addition to planning for future projects locally and globally levels serving the childhoods.


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